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Tomato Suckers

PRUNING TOMATO SUCKERS: Tomato suckers or side shoots are the growths that appear in the intersection between the stem and a branch of a tomato plant⁣

Pruning tomato suckers is recommended as the new stem will compete for nutrients with the original plant. Your plant may have more fruit if you let the suckers grow, but the tomatoes will be smaller and the plant will be more difficult to stake and support⁣

Removing tomato suckers can also decrease risk of disease caused by prolonged moisture. With fewer leaves, plants receive more air and leaves dry quicker. Fewer leaves also provide fewer places for insects to nest and gnaw⁣

⁣If you wait until the suckers get larger, cut them with clean shears and plant them for more tomato plants! Ideal for warmer climates where you can harvest until November and you would need the space to plant them too 🙌

Tomato Suckers

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